Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

We try to put the child in touch with those “sources” through which God reveals and communicates Himself in living form; namely, the Bible and Liturgy, in balanced proportion.
– Rebekah Rojcewicz, Religious Potential of the Child


Developed by Sofia Cavalletti, an Italian Hebrew scripture scholar, building on the work and methods of Maria Montessori, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd presents age-appropriate themes from the Bible and our liturgy with manipulative materials that the children use to internalize and ponder the great mysteries of our faith. 

Catechesis take place in an atrium, specially designed with child-sized furniture including a prayer table for gathering, a model altar, as well as materials to deepen their familiarity with Christ’s parables and the Mass itself. 

Would you like to be involved? We are in need of woodworkers, seamstresses, artists, and calligraphers to prepare materials and catechists to work with the children.

For more information, to register your child or volunteer your time or talents,
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