Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation celebrates what was started for us at our Baptism. It celebrates the acceptance of God’s presence in our life as well as our decision to participate more fully within the life of the church. With such a commitment comes the importance of exploration, guidance and instruction.

Many positive steps have been taken to assure that during this final preparation process for the Sacrament of Confirmation at Holy Child Parish, we offer sessions that are not only informational and interactive but also build up our faith community.

Each of us is asked to take an active role within faith development. In turn, as priests, deacons, sisters, teachers and lay volunteers of Holy Child Parish, we are very pleased to be able to support your efforts in the continual faith formation of your child.

The Confirmation Program at Holy Child Parish is a two year comprehensive program that is about faith formation and faith integration. Through continuous participation in monthly candidate and family based sessions, retreat experiences, service opportunities, as well as active participation within the Mass, our candidates are given a chance to gain a fuller understanding of the elements within the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Each experience allows candidates an opportunity to connect their faith education to faith experiences …. Living out one’s faith by building connections with their parish community. Whether it be running a Discipleship Relay with their sponsor … creating a ‘Catholic-Topia’ society with their peers … completing a Mass scavenger hunt with their parents/grandparents … making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with seniors … or filling over 800 eggs for the Parish Easter Egg Hunt, each helps to foster a sense of Catholic identity. Each is accompanied by linking teachable moments to the activity and in turn processing the experience with their families.

Family and parish participation are essential components in helping to create a process that leads our candidates to a deeper awareness of what is means to complete their baptismal grace. This can be seen by the number of candidates who have returned to as Teen Advisors as well as becoming more active with our High School Teens in Action Program.

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Sacramental Preparation