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Welcome to Holy Child Parish

“Two beautiful churches, one GREAT parish.”

When does Mass begin?

Remotely, Mass begins when you are sent from Mass the previous Sunday as everything you do during the week is preparation for the coming Sunday. Key to this time is actually preparing for Mass by reading the Scriptures assigned to the next Sunday. They are easily available online.

In a more immediate way, Mass begins when you decide you are going to Church. The manner of your dress and the positive attitude you take with you sets the tone for your experience of the Liturgy. Remember your action is prophetic as those around you see you witness to the centrality of your faith.

Significance of the Church Bell

The ringing of church bells in the Catholic tradition dates back to the end of the 4th century and was sanctioned by Pope Sabinianus in the 604. Prior to these bells were rung by pagans to ward off evil spirits. While some of this understanding may have carried over in the early Church, today bells are rung to symbolize the Voice of God calling people to come forth from their homes or workplaces and to assemble for worship. At the end of Mass, the bells are rung to signify the joy that the assembly has in being sent as the voice of God to proclaim the Good News.

Arrival at the Church

Whether you walk to church or drive, once you arrive at the church grounds, your preparation for Mass should become more serious. Why are you here? What do you need from God? What is God asking of you? The church grounds should be well maintained so that the lawns, flowers, trees, statues and shrines direct attention to the sacred nature of this space.

Greeting Others before Mass

The communal nature of worship means that others will be present. Taking time to greet others is perfectly acceptable. At the same time, we must be aware of those who are preparing themselves for Mass by quiet prayer.



Our Beliefs

We the Catholic community of Holy Child Parish, baptized into Christ Jesus and confirmed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, commit ourselves to:

  • Worship God in spirit and in truth through the celebration of the Eucharist;
  • Come together as a vibrant and faith filled community focusing on the spiritual and temporal needs of all;
  • Proclaim in word and deed the Good News of Jesus Christ to all persons, inviting them to share our faith and mission;
  • Teach the saving message of Christ so that all believers may come to a deeper understanding, conversion and personal witness to Christ.



13 E. Evesham Ave.

321 Orchard Ave.



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